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XAIN has developed the end-to-end platform for Federated Learning that supports any use case. Do privacy regulations or technical feasibility prevent you from doing an AI project or making its models accurate? Use our platform to overcome these problems! Simply install the XAIN SDK and integrate it into your AI pipeline.

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privacy compliance

With XAIN, your AI projects will automatically comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. In contrast, compliance of centralized machine learning woud need costly, complex, and risky anonymization methods.



tedious anonymization

XAIN allows you to train your AI models where your data resides - be it on mobile end devices, enterprise data silos or customer data buckets. With XAIN, you no longer need to perform complicated and costly data anomyzation.



quality of models

Our Federated Learning platform trains models that have higher accuracy than those trained with centralized learning, especially when regulation prohibits the merging of local data prior to training.



aggregation of local models

You will receive your own unique global model that is tailored for your AI projects. XAIN's aggregation algorithm combines your locally trained models into your global model in an optimal way, depending on your project needs.



your familiar AI tools

The XAIN SDK supports all major machine learning frameworks as well as programming languages. It is thus agnostic to what AI tools you are using, including those for AI on the edge.


You want to do Federated Learning by yourself? Then use our complete open-source technology stack, configure it to your needs, integrate it into your AI pipeline, and host it yourself in your compute environment.

Find the installation guide and packages to install in Github.

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Fully Managed Service XAIN

You prefer Federated Learning as a service, at predicatable costs, and with value-creating features? Then our fully managed service gives you freedom to focus on what really matters to you: creating effective AI projects. Simply connect your AI pipeline into our hosted XAIN platform and we will take care of the rest.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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Features Table

Self-Hosted Platform

Fully Managed Service

Federated Averaging

Secure Dynamic Aggregation




(Python, Rust, C, C++, JavaScript, Swift)


(Training Monitoring, Pipeline Administration)

ML Framework

(TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet)

Hosting Service

(AWS, Azure, Alicloud)


depends on your infrastructure hosting
99% availability

Technical Support

Only Basic
Basic, Professional, Enterprise

Regulatory Compliance

(GDPR & CCPA Ready)

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