Introducing ANDY

XAIN's first application

ANDY - automated invoice processing

ANDY is the first AI-based automation software powered by the eXpandable AI Network.

With XAIN, the solution for automated invoice processing is able to consolidate training knowledge from different data sources, while fully preserving data privacy.

  • Let an artificial intelligence handle your account booking
  • Keep all data where it should be - safe with you
  • You can use ANDY even if you have few training data
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ANDY - automated invoice processing

How it works?

ANDY is your intelligent accounting assistant

ANDY is your intelligent accounting assistant

AI solutions yield the most value add where workload is substantial but cannot be managed away through programming a simple set of rules. We analyzed the pain points and challenges of accounts payable departments of various mid and large-sized enterprises. ANDY is created to make your life easier while leveraging the latest developments in machine learning.

ANDY is your intelligent accounting assistant
Have more time for other quality work

Have more time for other quality work

Increasing efficiency and cost saving becomes easy with ANDY. Our accounting assistant frees you from tedious repetitive manual work, by handling batches of invoices automatically.

Hand over your invoice account allocation

Hand over your invoice account allocation

As a continuously learning artificial intelligence, ANDY knows exactly how to handle your invoice account allocation. It trains on your past allocations and applies that knowledge to your invoices.

Automate non-purchase order invoices

Automate non-purchase order invoices

Restaurant and hotel bills are typical examples of missing purchase orders, but ANDY does not need one. It applies Natural Language Processing to read your invoices like a human does.


Welcome ANDY as your new team member

We designed an AI application for you to have the highest quality booking and not have to worry about the privacy of your data.

  • Knowledge first

  • Transparency is trust

  • Speed of work and efficiency

Knowledge first

ANDY joins your firm pre-trained and continues to learn more and more over time.

  • ANDY is trained through XAINs FedML approach - Learn more about this here
  • Eager to improve, feedback loops constantly sharpen ANDY’s intelligence
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Don't hesitate to ask for more

Whether you are interested in getting to know more about ANDY, its features, the pricing, or you need a demo - Our team would love to hear from you to answer all your questions.

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